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The one thing I never forget to do before going to sleep

For most of my twenties, I figured I could stay out until any hour, drink any amount of wine, put on my PJs on when I got home and fall right asleep. Right? WRONG.

A white bed and a nightstand with a phone, candle and bouquet of white flowers.Photo by Logan Nolin

For 10 years, I had terrible trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and waking without pressing the snooze button five times.

As I started incorporating self care into my life, sleep went from a non-priority to my TOP priority. When I’m well rested, I’m able to show up better in my marriage, my friendships, my work and my daily practices. The body heals during sleep, and conquering my insomnia has massively reduced my chronic pain.

To begin my night time routine, I end screen time by 8pm. Around 8:30, I brush my teeth and wash my face. I’m in bed with a book by 9. I take 1 mg of melatonin, three tablets of sustained release magnesium and two capsules of Revitalizing Sleep Formula to help me fall sleep.

By winding down with my nighttime routine, I now regularly sleep through the night with minimal wakeups.

Ending screen time was the most difficult change to make. I would find myself checking email or Instagram out of habit. When checking the time, I’d notice a text and respond.

That’s when I discovered a crucial step that I now take every night before going to bed: putting my phone into airplane mode.

Being completely disconnected from the rest of the world gives me incredible peace of mind in the evening. With the push of a button, no one can contact me. Whatever happens during my quiet hours can wait until the morning.

Putting my phone into airplane mode also supports my morning routine. I used to wake up to a string of notifications and messages. Now I wake in peace, insulated from the agenda of the outside world. I don’t turn airplane mode off until I have meditated and am ready to start my day.

What tricks do you use to limit screen time, fall asleep or maintain a night time routine?

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